SIRS can provide specialist surveillance units from one to ten operatives. Our agents are all experts in this complex and sensitive area. They are used to working together as teams and are equipped with the most up to date and sophisticated technology.

Efficient communication systems, cameras and video outfits, tracking devices and specially adapted vehicles provide the platform for a service unrivalled in the U.K.

Fully equipped vans, black taxis and motorbikes are utilised in following subjects in a covert and discreet manner. Our accurate and detailed reports, backed up by photographic and video evidence, can be used as evidence in court.

Hi-tec tracking devices can be utilised to monitor the movement of vehicles including boats and plant. Our trackers can be set to send signals from every ten seconds to hourly and are linked to a sophisticated mapping system, providing the exact location of a vehicle to an accuracy of ten metres. It will provide the postcode or “positions” and also the speed at which it is travelling. Heavy duty batteries can last for over a month on magnetic trackers according to signal settings.

Mobile teams consisting of male and female operatives can be deployed at very short notice in all areas of the U.K. and indeed throughout the world.

Areas in which surveillance operations are regularly deployed are:

  • Personal injury claims
  • Matrimonial and family matters
  • Children at risk
  • Long-term sickness
  • Fraud and irregularities involving employees
  • Industry and commerce in general

Successful surveillance operations require a great deal of skill, experience, geographical knowledge, preparation and teamwork. We at SIRS have provided training courses for surveillance operatives and our own agents are “simply the best”.

Surveillance UK

Our Services Include:

  • Matrimonial Matters
  • Surveillance
  • Trackers
  • Tracking Equipment
  • Custody Cases