SIRS currently undertakes regular assignments for various regulatory authorities in the U.K. For reasons of confidentiality we are unable to disclose details of those authorities but below outline some of the services we can offer such bodies:

  • The tracing and serving of documents on individuals who face disciplinary or other forms of court actions. Many such individuals are concealing their whereabouts in order to deliberately avoid proceedings;
  • Gathering evidence to support disciplinary/legal actions, including tracing, interviewing and taking statements from witnesses;
  • Tracing of assets/funds,¬†where frauds or other misdemeanors have taken place;
  • All investigations undertaken are carried out in a compliant, professional and expedient manner;

Investigation For Regulatory Authorities

Assignments overseas that we have undertaken:

  • Due diligence reports on individuals to include verification of qualifications both in the U.K. and overseas
  • Surveillance or overt operations to determine current activities of individuals who may be in breach of professional codes of conduct;
  • Photographic or video evidence obtained where required.

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