Private IndividualsWe at SIRS are all too aware that it may be somewhat intimidating to telephone an investigation agency for the first time. Be assured that we are very sympathetic towards private individuals and your problems, which you can discuss with us in complete confidence.

We usually have the solutions to your problems and are happy to offer free advice at any time. We also give our assurance that we will do our utmost to solve your problem in the most economic, expedient and effective way.

We will always work to a pre-arranged budget which we will not exceed without your express authority.

Services we can offer you are many and varied but below are listed a few ways in which we can help:

  • By tracing the whereabouts of a long lost father, mother or relative (see also on-line services)
  • By identifying and tracing somebody who owes you money
  • By obtaining evidence of fraud or deception and/or to help enforce recovery
  • By obtaining evidence of cheating by partners
  • Highly skilled and professional surveillance operatives
  • By assisting in marital custody and maintenance disputes
  • By the preparation of background reports on potential partners (or business partnerships)
  • By the preparation of due diligence reports into companies or bodies prior to investment
  • Obtaining photographic or video reports
  • Blackmail or extortion cases


  • Pre-suing Reports
  • Process Serving
  • Tracing Services
  • Criminal Defence
  • Family Proceedings
  • Statements
  • Surveillance
  • 24/7 Service

Contact us any time for free, friendly advice