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Are you managing fraud and employee issues in the workplace?

Fraud and employee issues

Businesses reported more than £40m in losses from employee fraud last year, according to data from accountancy firm RSM. Managing internal fraud or employee issues – either for new or existing staff, can be made more difficult if you do not have the correct tools around you to obtain the information you need to then make more informed decisions on matters affecting your business.

Here at SIRS, one of the UK’s leading investigation companies, we deal with these types of cases on an almost daily basis, giving you the benefit of our experience in an ever more complex field.

So, what can SIRS help you with?

– Internal fraud
– Pilfering/Embezzlement/Shrinkage
– Long term staff sickness issues
– Minimising the risk of bribery
– Review potential merger partners
– Provide information in a recruitment process

Through our broad range of services, provided by our highly experienced teams, we can assist you with the following:

Surveillance on members of staff e.g long term sickness cases
Undercover working
Test purchases
Interviewing/Taking statements
Executive staff vetting
Company Due Diligence Reports

About us
SIRS is a highly professional research and investigation company, with five offices in the UK and a network of established agents worldwide. We assist a variety of clients including insolvency practitioners, solicitors, finance companies and Government Agencies.

To find out how you can benefit from SIRS’ knowledge and experience, contact Chris Taylor on 07974 406474 or Keith Stowell on 01932 868911. Alternatively, to email us click here.

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