Investigation services for the legal profession throughout the UK & worldwide

Investigation Services For The Legal ProfessionHow can SIRS help those in the Legal Profession to provide outstanding services to their clients? The answer is, our reports will help you to go that extra mile!

The team at SIRS have been providing a range of back up services to the legal sector for more than 35 years. You can call us at any time (24/7) to collect and serve urgent documents on companies or individuals. We can prepare full and detailed reports on individuals, companies and organisations, either as a due diligence exercise or to assist in ongoing litigation or dispute resolution.


Such reports can provide an accurate indication of the current financial status of an individual or body, locate their current whereabouts, or provide assistance where fraud, malfeasance or other irregularities are involved.


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The diagram below demonstrates how our essential support services span the whole legal process:

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