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Keith Stowell Investigator Profile Keith Stowell, Managing Director

Coming from a military background, Keith entered the world of investigation some forty years ago. Initially becoming a specialist undercover operator for four years, he worked, amongst other things, as a gold and silver bullion porter, truck driver and croupier. He then gained valuable experience with London’s then leading detective agency, in most forms of private and commercial investigations. He led many surveillance operations across the world, altogether in more than twenty jurisdictions. His undercover assignments resulted in a number of successful convictions.

Keith then gained experience in most forms of commercial investigation and set up his own business in 1971. The business developed into the largest all-round investigation, tracing and collections business in the U.K., processing hundreds and thousands of cases of all descriptions. Keith is probably the most experienced active investigator in the U.K. although his capabilities and those of his team extend to worldwide assignments.

His company was acquired by the Begbies Traynor Group in 2005. BTG was the largest independent insolvency group in the U.K. Keith continued to lead the London-based investigation team which, whilst continuing to serve its long standing clients, acquired another specialism, that of insolvency-based investigations.

After five years in this role, Keith separated from BTG in early 2010 and now operates as the above, having retained his exceptional team of experienced and versatile agents.

Agent Chris H

Career Police Officer – 30 years
11 years – New Scotland Yard
8 Years – Detective with Regional Crime Squad
7 years – Metropolitan Police, Kingston upon Thames – Manager Community Safety Unit
5 years in private sector
Specialist in surveillance operations, managing teams of up to eight operatives. Experienced in urban and rural surveillance utilising specialist vehicles such as vans, motorbikes, discreet saloons. Has overseen operations throughout the U.K. and abroad.

An experienced all-round investigator, dedicated to obtaining outstanding results.

His recent contribution to the SIRS team has been outstanding.

Agent Jeff B

Jeff began his career some thirty years ago with HM Customs & Excise where he worked at various UK port and airport locations. He was initially trained to combat drug smuggling and in this role was instrumental in intercepting large consignments of illegal drugs concealed on aircraft, ships and vehicles arriving from various countries. As a result, he was involved in subsequent trials, appearing in court to give evidence in countries as far afield as Australia.

After a number of years in government service, Jeff began to look for new challenges and moved into the private sector. Over the years he has worked for several high profile, London-based investigation and intelligence organisations, where he utilised his experience to move further into the field of international investigation, due diligence reporting and asset location and recovery worldwide.

Jeff has, in the course of his work, spent considerable time in areas of the Caribbean and other recognised “tax havens” and has developed a good understanding of what is achieved in those jurisdictions.

Some years later he moved back into the private intelligence sector and joined the SIRS team. In recent years he has worked closely with forensic departments of large insolvency practices, seeking to locate and recover assets around the world. In one case alone, Jeff identified more than £16m of assets and now plays a pivotal role in the SIRS team.


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