Insurance Investigation Services

We provide a host of invaluable services to insurance companies, some of which are
detailed below:


We can provide highly experienced surveillance teams who will operate anywhere in the U.K. or abroad. These services are backed by specially adapted surveillance vehicles i.e. cars, vans and motorcycles with highly efficient communication systems;

  • Surveillance teams of 1-10 operatives can be provided. All agents are proficient in the use of digital camera and video equipment, trackers and other surveillance devices.
  • Evidence adduced in relation to fraudulent personal injury claims.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

  • In depth investigations into fraudulent claims of all descriptions. These can be from investigations into background and lifestyle, to identity frauds, fires, theft, life policy claims, car theft claims, guarantee insurance etc.
  • Our agents can make house visits and interview claimants, take statements, obtain documentation to support claims.
  • Investigations into fraudulent guarantee insurance claims.

Motor Insurers

  • Tracing of third parties and witnesses.
  • Locus reports, to include sketch plans, photographs, site reports, throughout the U.K.
  • Witness statements.
  • In-depth car theft reports.

SIRS’ personnel have, over years, completed hundreds of successful investigations into all forms of insurance fraud. Our efforts have resulted in many claims being negated or reduced.

Please visit Case Studies for examples.

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