Finance Industry

The team at SIRS have provided a wide variety of services to the finance industry for many years, including:


  • Banks – U.K. and worldwide;
  • Finance Companies;
  • Leasing Companies;
  • Building Societies;
  • Hedge Funds;
  • Lawyers acting for above.


  • Our’ trace team, based at our Twickenham office, are we believe the most experienced in the U.K.
  •  We currently process between 1500 and 2000 cases a month, returning an overall success rate of between 80% and 95%, dependant on the quality of information provided.
  • Bulk or individual cases – Quotations based on volume, quality of information provided and turnaround period (48 hours – 5 days – 7 days – 14 days – 28 days).

Pre-Suing Reports / Asset Tracing

From basic to in-depth, according to value of claim and complexity of financial set-up of subject.

Agents are the most effective in the UK at tracing assets, both in GB and worldwide.


Process Serving

Countrywide service – All forms of process undertaken.



We can trace and repossess vehicles, plant, boats, equipment. Even the most difficult cases undertaken.


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