The team at SIRS has provided a diverse range of services to numerous councils in the U.K. over the last twenty plus years.

In general, the departments to which we provide services are as follows:

  • Legal and democratic servicesSIRS Councils and Government Services
  • Social services
  • Council tax
  • Estates planning and management
  • Insurance services
  • Housing
  • Waste disposal
  • Trading Standards Licensing
  • Revenue and benefits

Examples of some recent assignments are set out below:

  • Bulk tracing of debtors relating to council tax, unpaid rent, business rates
  • Undercover operations or surveillance to obtain evidence of anti-social behaviour on housing estates
  • Tracing and serving of documents on parents or partners in “children at risk” cases
  • Surveillance operations to obtain evidence of breach of terms of leases on council-owned commercial properties
  • Surveillance and other forms of evidence gathering to support actions brought against individuals and companies by Trading Standards
  • Obtaining evidence to support applications for injunctions or care orders in children at risk and other types of cases
  • Obtaining evidence in relation to opposition of licences for nightclubs
  • Process serving of all descriptions. E.g. children at risk, squatter evictions, injunctions etc.
  • Investigation of fraudulent sub-letting by tenants of social housing.  As it is now a criminal offence, SIRS is instructed to obtain evidence of such actions by the preparation of detailed reports, obtaining evidence of current alternative addresses occupied by tenants, house visits, interviews, taking statements from tenants and witnesses.  Our agents will also enter premises and inspect same, take details of identification, photographs, copies of utility bills etc.  Our agents can also carry out surveillance operations in order to obtain evidence of current residents.


We will always act swiftly on instructions received and provide a professional service using highly experienced personnel. We always ensure that our reports are detailed and accurate. Our agents will, of course, attend court to give evidence whenever required and are experienced in giving evidence and undergoing cross-examination.

  • Trace and status reports
  • Process serving
  • Surveillance
  • Collection Services
  • Evidence to support opposition of licences
  • Evidence of abuse of leases
  • Undercover operations
  • Housing


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