Investigation Services For The Corporate Sector

The Corporate Sector can be one of the most complex areas in which we operate. Some areas in which we have provided our expertise are demonstrated below:


Billions of pounds are lost to commerce and industry every year through internal frauds, pilfering, embezzlement, and shrinkage generally.

You do not have to let this happen!

Our agents have identified frauds in a multitude of different types of corporate concerns. Such investigations have included the following approaches:

  • External surveillance
  • Undercover agents
  • Interviewing and taking statements from staff members, suppliers, manufacturers, transport companies and witnesses in general
  • Forensic examination of documents and IT systems
  • Production of photographic and video evidence
  • Examination of systems and procedures
  • Covert and overt CCTV systems

Staff Screening

The investment you make when choosing your staff is huge. Bad decisions can cost you dearly. Why not avail yourself of our full and detailed pre-employment reports to include the following areas:

  • Confirmation of identity and address
  • Credit history
  • Confirmation of education and qualifications
  • Confirmation of previous employment with references
  • Personal referees
  • Due diligence report on background

Long Term Sickness

Millions of pounds are lost to the industry through unnecessary, fraudulent or lengthy periods of sickness.Our surveillance reports, backed by photographic and video evidence, have repeatedly produced evidence of activities that are inconsistent with their supposed medical condition.

Operations conducted by “SIRS” personnel have uncovered personnel “moonlighting” as taxi or minicab drivers, builders, plumbers, electricians, IT consultancy, running internet-based businesses and many others.



Our numerous investigations into corporate crime have helped to save our clients millions of pounds.


Bribery and Corruption

The Bribery & Corruption Act 2010 is now in force. Corporates and partnerships are vulnerable to huge fines and for individuals within them the prospect of up to ten years imprisonment if they:

  • Allow bribery to take place
  • Bribe an individual
  • Bribe a foreign public official

From partnerships and SME’s to multi-nationals, you can be at risk. We can offer expert advice on how to minimise your risk of exposure to these crimes which could cost you dearly.

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Due Diligence Reports (DDR)

Under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the American Justice Department is vigorously pursuing multi-national corporations who may be guilty of bribery and corruption or serious accountancy malpractices. They are handing out massive fines of £400m and more.

Corporations, if they are prudent, will procure in-depth DDRs in relation to acquisitions, joint ventures, partnerships or even substantial trading deals with other companies. These reports can be “worth their weight in gold” and even save corporations huge sums of money in the future.

SIRS has prepared many reports of this nature around the world. Available information varies in
different jurisdictions but in the main, our reports will include the following:

  • General reputation and history
  • Ethics and culture
  • Individual profiles on all directors of the company to include financial status, other directorships, and interests, criminal checks (where available), qualifications, background, conflicts
  • Worldcheck on key personnel and directors for bribery and corruption
  • Joint ventures
  • Financial review (if required)

We would in any case strongly recommend that you procure due diligence reports on the companies with which you do business not only because of the risks that are outlined above but for your own benefit in helping you to decide that a particular company is the right company with which to enter into a business relationship, be it a takeover, merger,  JV or partnership.