Our top quality close protection services provide you with peace of mind and above all the safety of you and your family when travelling to London and the UK.


Sirs Close ProtectionPersonal Safety | Peace of Mind | Quiet Enjoyment | Tranquillity | Confidence | Resourcefulness | Local Knowledge

These are some of the words that can readily be applied to our top quality Close Protection Services. Our aim is to make your daily life, whether you are simply visiting London/U.K. or here more permanently, more relaxed and to instil an overall feeling of safety and well being. Our CPOs (Close Protection Operatives), whether guiding you through the busy daily life of the capital, or in the more tranquil settings of the countryside, will always put the safety of you and your family first. They can be unobtrusive or very visible, according to the prevailing circumstances, but in general will conduct themselves in a way that will not interfere with or interrupt your routine.


Our History


The principal members of our team have been together for more than twenty years. Between them they can boast more than 250 years combined experience in the Security/Investigation Industry. Our MD, Keith Stowell, has run probably the largest all round agency in the U.K. since 1970. His experience is unrivalled. We now offer services throughout the world and have experience in many, many different jurisdictions.



Our Close Protection Operatives (CPOs)


The majority of our CPOs are from military backgrounds, having been trained in Special Forces, Parachute Regiments, SIB, Marines etc. Some, however are from police and civilian backgrounds. All our British-based CPOs are licensed by the SIA and have undertaken the relevant up to date courses in order to maintain their licences. Most CPOs are also surveillance and counter-surveillance trained and some have been trained in defensive driving techniques.

Our CPOs have worked with a variety of clients in the U.K. and worldwide, including Royalty, VIPs, High Net Worth individuals, Politicians, Sportsmen, celebrities, Businessmen or simply those who are subject to a particular known threat. They also have vast experience in working with clients from different ethnic/religious backgrounds. Our CPOs always have passports and driving licences with them in case of urgent travel but, in any case, are prepared to work in different jurisdictions with our clients.

All our CPOs have vast knowledge of London and the U.K. and will tackle any problems that may occur with utmost discretion and professionalism. Operatives are reliable, with first class leadership skills, flexible, with excellent communication skills on all levels, self disciplined and very resourceful. Our CPOs have the most up-to-date communication and tracking systems available.




Our offices are based in London, Surrey and Yorkshire. We, therefore, have easy access to all the London airports and also the major northern airports. We are also convenient for central London. Please visit our contact details section for relevant information.


Bookings and Venues


SIRS can also help with hotel bookings, clubs, shopping, restaurants, chauffeurs and vehicles. In this respect we can also assess the security level at these venues. We can deploy an advance party to assess the exact current position. We can also offer advice on where to go or not to go.


Protective Surveillance


Close Protection – but from a distance. In this way we can offer further security to our clients and their families, including children. Our operatives are surveillance and counter-surveillance trained. Again, sophisticated communication and tracking systems are an essential part of this service.

Back Up Services


SIRS provides a huge range of Investigation, Risk and Security related services. We would strongly suggest you visit our Home Page and also visit the Sector Pages and Directory of Services. This will give you even more confidence in the huge experience and expertise we can offer.


Risk Assessments


Before commencing a project with a new client, we would always carry out a detailed assessment into our client’s individual threat level. According to the conclusions reached in that assessment, we will propose a CP team which is appropriate for the circumstances. Apart from the fact that our client’s safety will always come first, we do not wish to compromise our CPOs safety by providing inadequate cover for the prevailing circumstances.




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