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Is your Tracing Company ISO27001 Approved to handle your Data?

In light of the current requirements relating to client data, SIRS have invested in attaining ISO27001 Accreditation in order to give our clients peace of mind, and show our commitment to work in the most professional manner we can. In …

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Staff Vetting – Modern Law Magazine article

SIRS are pleased to be featured in the latest edition of Modern Law Magazine Check out pages 17 and 60 in particular! Happy reading.

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SIRS achieves the ISO 27001 standard

SIRS are pleased to confirm that we have now achieved the ISO 27001 standard – Information Security Management System. In order to achieve the standard, we have reviewed thoroughly our policies and procedures, had to pass a full ISO Audit …

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Are you managing fraud and employee issues in the workplace?

Businesses reported more than £40m in losses from employee fraud last year, according to data from accountancy firm RSM. Managing internal fraud or employee issues – either for new or existing staff, can be made more difficult if you do …

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“PAP could lead to 90 days credit for customers”

“PAP could lead to 90 days credit for customers” The PAP (Pre-Action Protocol) for Debt Claims comes into force on 1st October this year and many organisations, concerned about the possible time delays involved in securing funds from debtors, are …

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SIRS acquired by Carnoustie Resources Ltd

NEWS RELEASE   SIRS acquired by Carnoustie Resources Ltd     Strategic Intelligence and Risk Services (Europe) Ltd, commonly known as ‘SIRS’ (or SIRS Europe), has announced that it is the latest addition to the fast-growing Carnoustie Group, headed by …

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Carnoustie Resources Ltd acquires SIRS

NEWS RELEASE   Carnoustie Resources Ltd acquires fellow investigations business   Carnoustie Resources Limited, trading as Carn Global, has announced the acquisition of a closely aligned business in a deal worth six figures.   Strategic Intelligence and Risk Services (Europe) …

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SIRS awarded Insolvency Service contract

SIRS are proud to announce that, as from April 2014, they were awarded a four year contract to provide a range of Investigative services to the Insolvency Service. In particular, professional back up is provided to the Official Receiver Services, …

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Criminal Defence Investigations – Osman Letter

Who knows what an Osman letter /Warning is?  Very few of you, I suspect, and we sincerely hope you never receive one. We recently undertook instructions from a London-based criminal defence lawyer, acting on behalf of a Defendant charged with …

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Case Study – Process Serving – Always use an experienced agent

We received a call one day from a lawyer with whom we worked on a regular basis and whose speciality was matters involving domestic violence. When our agent arrived in his office he noticed that the solicitor’s face was badly …

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