SIRS have been tracing, protecting and recovering assets throughout the world for more than twenty-five years.  Most of our work in this field has been carried out on instructions received from either the Legal or Insolvency sectors but can come from anywhere.

Most lawyers, before advising their clients, corporate or private, to embark on costly legal proceedings, will advise that an up to date asset/wealth report be prepared.  Should they then proceed with the claim and obtain a Judgment, they can be relatively confident that they can enforce the Judgment and gain satisfaction.  Equally, should such a report show there are insufficient funds or assets available to satisfy the claim, they may advise their clients not to proceed, thus saving them wasted legal fees and costs.

We are very experienced in tracing assets on a worldwide basis which can be very complex as completely different systems prevail in the different jurisdictions.  Costs can also vary greatly.

Over the past seven years the team at SIRS has located in excess of £700m, much of which has been recovered through subsequent legal proceedings.


Examples of assets located are:


Properties, including substantial villas in exotic locations

Valuable motor vehicles, yachts, speedboats, canal boats

Paintings and sculptures

Hoard of Rolex watches


Plant – cranes, JCBs, diggers


Once located, we can provide the necessary security to ensure that they are not removed until they can be recovered.

See case histories for more examples.